Tri-State Envelope Corporation was established in 1966. We are a service-oriented multi location company dedicated to the success of our growing customer base. Tri-State has manufacturing facilities in Ashland Pennsylvania, Beltsville Maryland and Wapello Iowa with a combined production capacity of 25,000,000 envelopes per day. We also have wide roll sheeting and AMC Die Cut capabilities in our Ringtown Pennsylvania plant. Tri-State manufactures a wide range of envelopes varying in size from 2.25” x 3.5” to 13” x 17”. All of our envelopes are manufactured to customer specifications, which include size, paper, printing, and window configuration 


   Envelope folding is our largest department, and constitutes the actual fabrication of our product. Our state of the art folding equipment is manufactured in Duncannsville, PA. by the F.L. Smithe Machine Company. Our high speed converting equipment is capable of running at speeds up to 1500 envelopes per minute! Our equipment can produce a sophisticated multi-window, multi-color envelope from a roll of paper or a die cut blank.


   Printing is accomplished using four processes: flexographic, sheeted offset lithography, four-color process and jet offset. Although much of our printing is done “in line” (directly as folded), a significant amount calls for further specialization. We are among the leaders in our industry in supplying this added dimension to our product.


   Our machinery is continually updated to assure the best quality and expand our abilities to meet our customer’s demands. Throughout the history of our company, new equipment has been added to enhance our ability to manufacture more sophisticated and complex envelopes. With the addition of our “ColorVision” technology we have the ability to print four color process inline on a wide variety of substrates at speeds of 1200 envelopes per minute.